Perfect Places For Desert Safari To Travel

Travel addicts are always looking for new places. The world is a gift if someone is interested in exploring every color and scene. Serenity and excitement have hit our minds at the same time when we experience natural beauty.

The UAE is one of those countries to which all travel enthusiasts want to go. Most people think that traveling in a desert can be quite boring. Undoubtedly, green mountains, snow-covered hills and waterfalls attract more than deserts. If you are planning to visit deserts this time, let’s find out what the destinations in the UAE can be. Dubai and Sharjah are one of the most beautiful destinations.

The most exciting experience in the deserts is the snow removal of the dunes. Sit in an off-road vehicle and observe the peace and serenity of the desert effects differently. For miles there would be no other human being but sand, which is sometimes disturbed by a gust of wind. Desert safaris can be exciting if you know the places well.

1. Bidayeur

This site can give you an adrenaline rush. It is 45 minutes from Dubai near Sharjah on the Oman Highway. Tourists can travel alone by renting a jeep. The sand dunes are not high and can be easy to maneuver.

So, if you want to do everything yourself. Contact Biydar. If you just want to enjoy the scenes, you can get a driver who would guide you through the sandy paradise.

2. Desert Al Faya

If you want to see red sand dunes, the deserts of Al Faya are filled with ruby sand. No, this does not mean that there will be rubies, but instead you can have a bunch of beautiful scenes.

This place is in Sharjah, almost 55 minutes from Dubai. The campsite is a special attraction. You can enjoy the brightened sky with a campfire and barbecue.

3. Safari in the desert of Sharjah

If you plan to participate in festivals in the deserts of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Then the safari in the Sharjah desert is the best. This is the largest desert safari in Dubai in Arabic. it is a bit far away from Dubai and you have to travel for 3 or 4 hours in a row.

This place is a risky place for dune bashi9ng. it is best to hire an experienced driver for a safe trip.

4. Jabel Mellieha

It is also known as the “fossil rock”. Most of the sand of this desert consists of fossils and coral reefs. Scientists believe that most of Arabia was under the oceans and now Jabel Mellieha is one of those primitive deserts formed when the water dried up.

If you are interested in archeology, this place is best for you. It is close to Sharjah and almost 50 minutes from Dubai.

There are many more places in the UAE that are worth visiting, except the desert beaches and some mountains can make your visit much more interesting. Still, no matter what place you visit, make sure you are aware of it and that your trip is safe.

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