Places In Goa You Should Visit

Every person wants to visit Goa at least once in his life, and why not? Goa is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. It also has a history Of foreign invasions, since the Portuguese had this region under its influence for years. There are many famous sites, world heritage sites, beautiful churches, quiet beaches, historic fortresses or attractive local markets in Goa. In addition, there are water sports and many natural attractions that you will not want to miss.

There are so many places that it can be difficult to visit all of them in a short time. To make your task easier, here are four must-see places that you should go at least once when traveling to Goa.

Fort Chapora

Located in Bardez, North Goa this Fort is 21.7 km from Panaji and 700 metres from Vagator Beach. Chapora Fort is usually an evening hangout for relaxing, and it overlooks the Chapora River. This fortress is also known as “Dil Chahta hai” Fort, which means ” the heart longs.”The reason for this unusual name is that it was here that the successful film “Dil Chahta hai” was shot in 2001.

Chapora Fort was held by many rulers-Muslims, Portuguese, and Marathas over the past centuries. Built by a Muslim ruler, Adil Shah, it was named Shahpura-city of the Shahs. The Portuguese then seized the fortress and gradually changed the name of Chapora.

Chapora Fort offers views in all directions-from the Chapora River to Pernum to the north, Vagator to the south and the Arabian Sea to the West. Indeed, the Chapora River and the Arabian Sea meet here. As mentioned earlier, this place is usually visited in the evening, because the sunset is spectacular here.

Good Jesus Basilica

The Bom Jesus Basilica, popularly called Borea Jezuchi Bajilika, is the most famous church in Goa. This church, located about 10 km east of Panaji, is the only church in old Goa. Although partially in ruins, the church is a model of simplicity and elegance. This church is a world heritage site. The roof of this Church was at first inclined. The lime plaster of this church was stripped in 1950 by a protector of Portuguese monuments and is therefore still without cleaning the outside. On November 15, 1594, the foundation stone of this church was laid. It was founded in May 1605 by Fr. Alexia de Menezes, Archbishop of Goa.

The Church is called bom Jesus and means Good Jesus or Child Jesus to whom it was dedicated. The columns and details were carved in basalt from Bassein. There are two chapels, The main altar and a sacristy in the Church. The main altar is flanked by two ornate altars, one dedicated to Our Lady of Hope and the other dedicated to Saint Michael. In this church are the remains of St. Francis Xavier, a good friend of St. Ignatius Loyola. Both founded the Society of Jesus.

Dudhsagar Si

Dudhsagar Falls, located on the border with Goa Karnataka, is the fifth largest waterfall in India. The property is 47 km from Margao. Dudhsagar means milky sea which refers to milky white water flowing from Mandovi River. It is a four-tiered waterfall, but few can be seen unless you visit the viewpoints.

You can take a day trip from the beaches of Goa and return the same day or spend the night at one of the nearby hotels and resorts. There are several ways to reach Dudhsagar Falls. You can hike from Castle Rock railway station, Kulem, Kuveshi or Dudhsagar railway station. The rainy season is when the landscape is at its best. July is the best month to visit Dudhsagar Falls. However, the roads are slippery due to humidity during the monsoon. November to January is also an excellent time to visit this place, because the forest after the monsoon is lush. To find out how to reach this place, check the LBB website.

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