Stunning Places In Oceania

Oceania is one of the quietest, most secret and spiritual places on our planet. Therefore, it is a must to visit him at least once in his life. However, it is also a large and diverse place and just visiting one place in Oceania doesn’t mean you get the whole experience. Of course, the memories you earn there will last you a lifetime, but what you get is something completely unique and specific to that particular ocean region. Due to the fact that the choice of location makes so much difference, here is the selection of seven places that are widely considered the most beautiful places in Oceania.

1. Christmas Island

The reason we chose Christmas Island as the first place on this list is because it has virtually all the qualities that people associate with Oceania. First, it has a mild tropical climate. Secondly, it has an incredibly diverse wildlife. In fact, it is widely considered a hotspot for birdwatchers around the world. Apart from that, it offers you experiences like diving in caves and swimming in caves. All in all, it has everything you would expect from a trip to Oceania and more.

2. Fiji

One of the first places on this list is certainly the small Republic of Fiji. There are many reasons to visit the place, from the fact that it has some of the most dazzling beaches in the world, to the fact that its culture and natural beauties are worth exploring. The cuisine of Fiji is simply stunning, which is why a visit to this place could also be planned as part of your gastronomic tour. Also remember that Fiji is a paradise for all golf enthusiasts as it has some of the most interesting golf courses in the world. Other than that, it’s a great place to learn to surf.

3. Great Barrier Reef

If we talk about the most unique places in the world, then you should visit the Great Barrier Reef. Why? Well, mainly because it is the largest living creature on Earth, with more than 2, 900 coral reefs stretching for a distance of almost 1, 400 miles. In other words, it is a place that is the top priority on the list of all those who are interested in wildlife observation. Underwater exploration of the Great Barrier Reef is like no other and its marine life is incredibly diverse (even outside the stunning reef). But not all activities take place here under water. The Daintree Rainforest, for example, is a place worth visiting.

4. Tasmania

Another amazing oceanic place to visit is the paradise island of Tasmania. This Australian island nation is a place full of breathtaking landscapes and adventure opportunities. The island itself is quite large, so you may want to elaborate on your vacation in Tasmania. A suggestion for visitors visiting the island for the first time would be to visit the west coast. When it comes to things to do in Tasmania, the West Coast probably offers some of the most unique experiences, such as traveling on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and walking along the banks of the Whyte River. Let the road lead you to the natural wonders of Tasmania, which will surprise you again and again. This island truly represents a unique symbiosis between untouched wilderness and first world rural tourism.

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